Listing of Articles on Science, Faith and Other

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About Scott Buchanan

Ph D chemical engineer, interested in intersection of science with my evangelical Christian faith. This intersection includes creation(ism) and miracles. I also write on random topics of interest, such as economics, theology, folding scooters, and composting toilets, at . Background: B.A. in Near Eastern Studies, a year at seminary and a year working as a plumber and a lab technician. Then a B.S.E. and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. Since then, conducted research in an industrial laboratory. Published a number of papers on heterogeneous catalysis, and an inventor on over 100 U.S. patents in diverse technical areas. Now retired and repurposed as a grandparent.
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7 Responses to Listing of Articles on Science, Faith and Other

  1. Rick Pulling says:

    Thanks, Scott. Grouping these by topics is very helpful. My, you are prolific!

  2. COD says:

    Thanks Scott – the content and tone of your work is a great example

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