Parker Sun Probe: Fastest Man-Made Object Brushes the Sun

I just saw a recent YouTube video, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Touches the Sun for the First Time. It describes the mission and early findings of a probe that was launched in 2018, and now is brushing through the Sun’s upper atmosphere – the corona – and sampling particles and magnetic fields there. Solar outbursts can impact our earthly electronics, so it is helpful to better understand how these outbursts form. In its closest approaches to the sun, the Parker probe will attain the highest velocity of any man-made object, some  430,000 miles per hour . See here for some construction details that allow it to survive and function so close to the sun.

The video is only 5 minutes, fast-paced, and with good graphics. I won’t summarize it further, beyond posting a few screenshots below. If you like science I think you will enjoy this video.

About Scott Buchanan

Ph D chemical engineer, interested in intersection of science with my evangelical Christian faith. This intersection includes creation(ism) and miracles. I also write on random topics of interest, such as economics, theology, folding scooters, and composting toilets, at . Background: B.A. in Near Eastern Studies, a year at seminary and a year working as a plumber and a lab technician. Then a B.S.E. and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. Since then, conducted research in an industrial laboratory. Published a number of papers on heterogeneous catalysis, and an inventor on over 100 U.S. patents in diverse technical areas. Now retired and repurposed as a grandparent.
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  1. Ark says:

    Makes one proud to be a human!

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