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Bill Johnson’s Talk at Bethel Church After His Wife Beni Died

Although we live a continent away from Bethel Church in Redding, California, we feel an ongoing connection there. We have attended talks on the East coast when Bethel staff members have traveled out this way, and we benefit from their … Continue reading

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Prayer for Healing at Bethel Church

Preface for blog: Recently my wife and I spent a number of weeks in California. We sent various letters back to our friends, reporting on our doings. My final letter described at some length our experience at a church in … Continue reading

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Evolution and Faith: My Story, Part 1

As I read across the spectrum of writings on creation and evolution, I often find a certain level of demonization of one’s opponents. Some Young Earth (YE) creationists ascribe to evolutionists an agenda of tearing down all that is good. … Continue reading

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Engineer’s Wife Healed of Multiple Sclerosis

From 1999 to 2003, Vonna Wala of Waseca, Minnesota, suffered progressively worse symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She eventually became too debilitated to walk without aid, suffered severe optic nerve pain, and had to close her counseling business.  A diagnosis … Continue reading

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Healing of Nearly-Deaf Boy on YouTube

Randy Clark pastored small churches in the U.S. midwest for about thirty years, starting in the 1970’s. In January, 1994, he was invited to preach at a church in Toronto. An extraordinary outpouring ensued, with people falling on the floor filled with … Continue reading

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Healings on YouTube: Legs Growing Out

Recently I roamed YouTube looking for videos of legs growing out in response to prayer.  Here are three: (1 ) Fire Of Faith Church in Denmark (www.troens-ild.dk) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7vgpf_q50I&feature=related At the start, about a 1 inch difference in length can be … Continue reading

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The Power Behind The Miracles in Mozambique

A couple of months ago I posted on Healing Miracles in Mozambique, noting the healings of blindness and deafness that were documented in a medical journal.  These reports raise the question: why are such things happening with Heidi and Rolland’s ministry … Continue reading

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Healing Miracles in Mozambique: Medical Journal

Heidi and Rolland Baker head a burgeoning Christian effort (Iris Ministries) in Mozambique. Iris is planting around a thousand churches a year in a region which has historically been resistant to Christianity. A key part of their ministry is prayer for healing. Friends of … Continue reading

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