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My Tour on a Healing Missions Trip to Germany

I was part of a team of 25 laymen who accompanied Randy Clark on a 10-day tour of two cities in Germany. Randy is an evangelist with an emphasis on prayer for healing. See here for an article with link … Continue reading

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Euro Debt Update: Backdoor ECB Bailout Buys Some Time

A month ago we posted on the dynamics of the sovereign debt crisis in Europe. The BBC has published   a handy flowchart with graphs that explains the origins of the problem. It all goes back to the decision of countries (originally … Continue reading

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Playing Chicken With Euro Debt: Why You Might Want To Get Your Money Out of Bank of America

A year ago we posted Why Is This Recession Dragging On? . There we noted that the key domestic problem is the high debt levels of private households, due primarily to the housing/mortgage boom and bust.  In 2008 to mid-2009 there was a … Continue reading

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