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Jesus on Seeing God in Nature: No Signs, No Justice, No Fear

Contents: Classic Bible Passages on Natural Theology The Regularity of Nature No Sign Except the Sign of Jonah    The Sign of the Resurrection in the Ministry of Paul No Justice in This Life: The Same Things Happen to Good … Continue reading

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An Answer to the Intellectual Problem of Evil

A longstanding challenge to the validity of Christianity, and of theism in general, is the problem of evil.  This problem manifests itself in two forms. First, most of us have experienced some wrenching grief or loss, such as the disability … Continue reading

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Lucky To Be Alive

Preface for blog: The “Problem of Evil” is perhaps the most vexing issue in theism. How can an all-powerful and all-good God make and direct a world containing such pain and viciousness?   This is a guest post by Joy Buchanan, … Continue reading

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