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Gorilla, Orangutan, Chimp and Human Genomes: Population Genetics and Intelligent Design

Living things are largely made of proteins.  A simplified definition of a gene is that it is a segment of DNA that codes for the synthesis of one or more particular proteins. A more complete definition is given by Wikipedia: A … Continue reading

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Adam, the Fall, and Evolution: Christianity Today and WORLD Push the Panic Button

Editorial Attacks on Theistic Evolution Recent genetic studies show beyond all reasonable  doubt that humans evolved from other primates. These discoveries are forcing evangelical Christians who value  intellectual integrity to re-evaluate their traditional support for a sudden creation of Adam … Continue reading

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How Science Can Inspire and Inform Worship: NASA’s Jennifer Wiseman

Jennifer Wiseman is an accomplished scientist and author. She has degrees from MIT and Harvard, and currently serves as Chief of NASA’s ExoPlanets and Stellar Astrophysics Laboratory. She is also a strong Christian and an all-around nice person, as you … Continue reading

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Review of Reviews of “Grand Design” by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow

Some readers may find the furor around Stephen Hawkings new book, The Grand Design, to be intriguing or disturbing. I sallied forth on the web this afternoon to see what I could find.  Up-front disclaimer: I have not read the book … Continue reading

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