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Gorilla, Orangutan, Chimp and Human Genomes: Population Genetics and Intelligent Design

Living things are largely made of proteins.  A simplified definition of a gene is that it is a segment of DNA that codes for the synthesis of one or more particular proteins. A more complete definition is given by Wikipedia: A … Continue reading

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Science and Faith at the American Scientific Affiliation 2018 Meeting

The American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) is an organization of evangelical Christians who are degreed scientists and who gather to discuss how their science and their faith interact. The 2018 annual meeting of the ASA was held last week at Gordon … Continue reading

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Listing of Articles on Science, Faith and Other

Here is a listing of some of the more popular articles on this blog, grouped by topic: Geology/Fossils Grand Canyon Geology Realistic Expectations for Transitional Fossils “Unconformities” Showed Geologists By 1800 That The Earth Was Very Old Soft Tissue in … Continue reading

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A Survey of Biblical Natural Theology

OUTLINE Intelligent Design and Natural Theology Natural Revelation in the Psalms Justice in Job and Ecclesiastes The Teachings of Paul    Paul and the Philosophers    Wild Times at Lystra    Paul’s Letter to the Romans    A Case Study … Continue reading

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Realistic Expectations for Transitional Fossils

Evolutionary theory asserts that today’s plants and animals developed from far different ancestral life-forms. The characteristics of populations have changed with time, to produce new species. These changes are believed to be relatively gradual. Scientists believe that a new species … Continue reading

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Evolution and Faith: My Story, Part 2

In Part 1, I described the trajectory of my thinking over the past four decades as an evangelical Christian on the scientific aspects of creation. Here I describe the personal and theological aspects of this journey.  Hard Questions and Cold … Continue reading

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Junk DNA, the ENCODE Project, and Intelligent Design: Facts, Hype, and Spin Contents: SUMMARY PART 1.  HUMAN GENOME AND “JUNK” DNA   Genes, Pseudogenes, and Regulatory Regions   Other Parts of the Genome: Repetitive Sequences and Self-Replicating Elements PART 2. … Continue reading



From Micro-Evolution to Macro-Evolution:   Beneficial Mutations, the Pace of Evolution, and Increasing Genome Complexity PREFACE (for blog) to Letter “STAN 3”:  As noted in the letter below, Stan had continued our correspondence with a letter in October, questioning the legitimacy … Continue reading


Grab-bag: Speciation, Fossils, Radiometric Dating, Bogus Young Earth, Cytochrome-c PREFACE (for blog) to Letter “STAN 2”:  At a meeting in April, Stan made a presentation in which he claimed that the scientific evidence actually supports a young (6000 year old) … Continue reading